The difference between conventional wool and wool from organically raised sheep

Organic  sheep  husbandry   requires  a  special  attitude  towards  animals  and  the  work required   in   raising  them.   Organic   farmers   have  set  their   priorities   on  appropriate conditions   for  animals  and  healthy  husbandry   procedures   rather  than  on  maximum profits.  They  are willing  to work  harder  in order  to give  their  animals  better  lives  and obtain better quality wool. … Read more


Why Wool/Silk from SAWACO of Switzerland? This unique combination of materials witch SAWACO for the first time introduced worldwide in the field of underwear consists of a thread each of wool and silk twisted together into a yarn. The combination 64% wool and 36% silk joins the remarkable qualities of both natural fibres in an … Read more

News for A/W 2021

3 new´s programm : WSS    WoolSportSystem W3S     Woll/SilkSportSystem HMC     HocosaMedicalCare   (Wool/Silk/Elasthan) Thermal protection for back – for elbow – for wrists – for knee Shirt long sleeves with thermal protection – Longjonh´s