Hocosa Collection Quality

Organic  wool/silk

Protecting tenderness


The perfect combination of many benefits of organic pure new wool and the extraordinary characteristics of precious silk. Fine merino wool is absorbent and cosily warm, silk is smooth and  comfortable to wear. Our quality type 208 70% Organic wool / 30% silk with the new  treatment ( see enclosed)  is machine washable at 30°C( i.e 86°F) .
Together they create a temperature balance and support the natural capacity of skin.
This natural fibre underwear is machine washable up until 30° C (i.e. 86°F).


Pure Tussah-silk

Precious particularity

Our natural 100% Tussahsilk is comfortably cool in the summer and pleasurably warm in the winter, in addition this fine precious jersey underlines the body´s shapeliness.
Especially advisable for sensitive skin, particularly when having allergic caused skin problems.This pleasant effect can only be achieved by pure silk.
Hand wash is recommended.



Smoothing preciousness

Two natural fibres unite their very best characteristics. The blend of fine silk and soft organic cotton is warmer and softer than cotton only and easier to clean than pure silk. Silk balances temperature and has a soothing effect on sensitive and allergic skin.
Cotton is permeable to air, hard-wearing and long-living.
This quality type can be machine washed at 60°C (i.e.140°F) .

Pure Organic-wool

Spoil your skin with precious underwear made of organic pure new wool in organic quality.
This extraordinary fine merino virgin wool derives from animals that are kept in their natural environment, it is shorn by hand and it is free from pesticides.
This wool is absolutely natural, particularly soft and cosily warm.
Wool posses the natural ability to clean itself by being aired. When hardly stained, we recommend hand wash with moisturising washing agents.


All our dyes are free of heavy metals and formaldehyde.
We do not use optical brighteners. All our textiles are dyed according the IVN  guidelines.
When handling with care and considering our washing recommendations these precious products will preserve their beauty and you can enjoy the wearing comfort for a very long time.

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