32421522 2tWhy Wool/Silk from SAWACO of Switzerland?

This unique combination of materials witch SAWACO for the first time introduced worldwide in the field of underwear consists of a thread each of wool and silk twisted together into a yarn. The combination 64% wool and 36% silk joins the remarkable qualities of both natural fibres in an optimum way:

  •  Wool/silk conveys a natural, agreeable warmth, without heat build-up
  •  It affords an excellent airing of the skin surface and neutralises perspiration odours
  • It can absorb up to 30% of humidity and ensures that the skin remains dry for a prolonged
  • Length of time (highly reduced risk of catching a cold)
  • Wool/silk is unusually fine and soft . It is agreeable even to a very delicate skin
  • It keeps its shape to a high degree and shows a minimum of shrinking.


Why 100% Silk by SAWACO of Switzerland ?

There is a good reason for calling silk the queen of natural fibres. No other fibre known to this day combines such a multitude of avantages.

– Silk is extremely fine, light, soft and of inimitable gloss
– It is most agreeable to the skin and will not cause irritations, even on a very sensitive skin
– Being a slow conducto of heat, it will maintain on the skin an even, pleasant warmth
– Silk is absorb humidity up to 30% of its own weight without conveying a feeling of being wet, thus neutralising skin secretions and keeping the skindry for a greater length of time
– It affords a perfect airing of the sin surface



SAWACO of Switzerland since 1886 for high performance