Natural underwear for everybody

 The history of our Company founded 133 years ago

The Present

1997 the company Sawaco SA, owner of the trademarks “Sawaco of Switzerland” and “HOCOSA of Switzerland” was sold to the family Schwarz. The restructuring of the two brands was successfully completed within 3 years. Regarding the collection, the new management remains faithful to the previous styles. In fact, the main importance is given to the typical qualities Sawaco wool / silk and fine cotton yarns (traditional house development) and at HOCOSA of Switzerland  there are ecological materials such as organic wool, organic wool/silk, organic-cotton/silk , pure silk and cashmere/silk.

2001 HOCOSA of Switzerland expanded massively his offer. Actually the collection has 75 items in the Basic-program and 20 articles in the Fashion-program for women, men, children and babies.

We are member of IVN-Germany (International Association Natural Textile Industry).

Our products are manufactured in Ligornetto (Switzerland) according to the strictest environmental requirements and are therefore be sold “Swiss Made”.

The Past

1886 Walter Achtnich-Glitsch (1857-1907), founded a knitwear factory in Winterthur (Switzerland), which produced underwear for ladies and men for the export to England and France.

Thanks to the positive development of the markets in 1906 he decided to create a new factory building.

Already at this time the founding family created an age insurance for the benefit of the staff.

Three generations of the founding family follows until 1984.

1993 the company changed his owner,  the company Hochuli & Co. – Safenwil (Switzerland) bought the factory.

The company Hochuli & Co was founded in 1897 and produced underwear for children and babies in different qualities such as cotton, wool and wool / silk. Only after 4 years, the owner decided to sell the company.